Top 5 Best Wooden Coffee Tables On The Market Today

In an age of escalating workload and nervous breakdowns, a relaxing cup of coffee can do wonders. Not only does it improve the blood flow to our brain, making us alert and attentive but also reinvigorates us during exhausting sessions of monotonous work or studies.

A coffee table is, therefore, an absolute necessity for a complete home. Besides, it is more than just that. As a major decorative element, it adds an aesthetic charm to the living room that few other furniture can.

Let us take a look at some of the most sought-after wooden coffee tables that will certainly add to your space.

1. Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table

Suave and dignified, the Emerald Home T100-0 tops the Best Sellers list on Amazon. It is sturdy, compact and amazing value for money. At 58 pounds, it is not overly heavy and relocation should not be a problem.

The wood is not level with occasional bumps and nails holes on the surface as you would expect with reclaimed wood. Finishing is average and cleaning the top may not turn out to be a smooth affair because of the unevenness, but that is hardly a deal breaker.

Assembly is easy and the instructions are clear, so fitting the twelve bolts in their respective places must not be a bother.

2. Altra Owen Retro Coffee Table

Altra Furniture always brings together simplicity and sophistication, and this wooden coffee table is no exception either. Neat and refined, it fits perfectly into any environment and makes your space look less cluttered than you would imagine.

The Sonoma Oak top is supported on all four corners by Gunmetal Gray legs that create a pleasant, mid-century feel. At 23.8 pounds, it is ridiculously light, yet resilient enough to bear the weight of a few books and magazines.

Assembly involves simply fitting the hairpin legs with the top. The sleek structure along with minimalistic appearance makes it ideal for a small place.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table

With a rustic look and great durability being its major attractions, this piece of work from Signature Design by Ashley is something that should be in your wishlist. Elegant and professional, its slat-style bottom shelving is surprisingly colorful, warm and pretty.

The construction is strong and the dimensions are standard at 28.1 x 42 x 17.9 inches. The shelf allows for ample storage space and can be utilized for stacking up books, magazines and baskets. The reclaimed look adds style and class to the living room.

It is slightly costlier than the Emerald Home T100-0, but is, once again, a great value for money.

4. Cotton Craft Jaipur Solid Wood Hand Carved Accent Coffee Table

This Cotton Craft beauty is handcrafted from mango wood which renders it an ethnic quality. It comes with a flexible number of styling options in order to pamper your eclectic tastes.

The construction is quite impressive with an assembled height of 18 inches and a diameter of same dimension. The panels are ornately carved and foldable. The Jaipur wood looks tough, durable and traditionally graceful.

It requires negligible assembly - merely a few seconds is enough to put it together. Vintage and chic, this piece of magnificent handiwork from the artisans of India is a must have for your living rooms.

5. Sauder Dakota Pass Lift Top Coffee Table in Craftsman Oak

Established in 1934 by Erie Sauder, Sauder Woodworking Co. now holds the distinction of being North America’s leading ready-to-assemble furniture, operating chiefly from Ohio. An established name in the industry, Sauder products are unique in their own way.

The Dakota Pass Lift Top Coffee Table offers a delightful laminated finish over the wood. It belongs to the same price bracket as Emerald Home T100-0, but is a few pounds heavier. The lift top permits plenty of storage space beneath and comes handy when you want to ensure you don’t spill beverages on your clothes. Further, it can be versatile in its usefulness – from homework to having dinner.


Choosing the appropriate coffee table can be an intimidating business. You have to take several factors into consideration like the amount of space you have, your major requirements, your taste, and of course, your budget. Even then, the probability of your choice not fitting in with the other décor in the room is fairly high.

Most wooden coffee tables are, however, designed to suit the ambiance of any and every room. They are stylish, cultured and can be elaborately modeled or uncomplicated in appearance. Irrespective of your tastes, wooden furniture are a valuable addition to your home, and there is plenty to choose from, should you desire to own some.

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