Best Wood Slab Coffee Tables For Your Home

Coffee tables have become an integral part of any household, and wood slab coffee tables have become the latest trend. This is because they don’t fail to showcase an edgy yet eye-appealing look to the entire room. Besides the dining table, people find it much more convenient to have a side coffee table to go with snacks and drinks.

The market offers a wide variety of coffee tables, all unique to one another in terms of looks and sizes. Size is a crucial element in buying one as it determines the holding capacity of the coffee table. Some like them big, while others like them to be small and compact. Below are details about some of the best wood slab coffee tables.

Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Wood Cocktail Table:

As the current best seller in the market, Aspira Home’s wood slab coffee table is known for its perfect size and reasonable capacity. Unlike others, its smooth surface makes the table easy to clean. All in all, its rustic yet modern look makes it a must pick for anyone looking to buy themselves a coffee table.

Teak Slab Coffee Table:

This table is one of a kind with its unique style of placement. Typically, it is just a finished slab of teak wood placed over two stands (legs) to keep it high above the ground. What makes it so authentic is the fact that pure teak wood is used in building this masterpiece. It is, undoubtedly, a simple coffee table with a homey feel to it.

Modern Solid Natural Wood Round Slab End Table (Coffee-Table-Hpen2):

Moving out of the vintage look, for a more modern way of setting up your furniture the best pick would be this modern wood slab coffee table. Made by Amish craftsmen, it is finished by adding cross-cut organic tree trunk wood with its natural edges over the stands. Its unique design is what makes it stand out from the rest of the coffee tables. It stands on hairpin shaped legs that don’t just give it an edgy look, but also keeps it firm on the ground.

Signature Design by Ashley Wesling Rectangular Cocktail Table, Light Brown:

Being the perfect blend of wood and metal, this coffee table is an aesthetically pleasing one. It’s indeed a rather unique piece, as it is made with a rich, thick slab of organic mango wood that has been neatly finished with a black glaze. The use of contrasting metals to hold the wood slab is what gives the coffee table a sense of versatility with a touch of modern industrialism. The weight is at 108 pounds, and is the epitome of lightweight yet classic coffee tables. Its plank design makes it a perfect piece of home décor – making it one of the top choices for many buyers.

Wooden Coffee Table Handmade in Chile from Reclaimed Wood and Driftwood:

Made from the best materials and products from Chile, this wood slab coffee table is among the uniquely designed ones. It’s a driftwood and iron blended creation that provides the best of both materials. Beige in color, this coffee table has dimensions smaller than a traditional one. However, this is what gives it the portability feature to be carried around anywhere easily. This handmade coffee table uses the wood to give it a vintage essence, while the iron for the legs, gives it a modern look – thus presenting you with the best of both.


Choosing a coffee table isn’t much of a task when you have in your head a picture of what exactly you are looking for – thanks to the wide variety of coffee tables available. Wood slab coffee tables are generally a good idea because of their sturdiness. They are much stronger than glass coffee tables and have a less chance of collapsing. Another advantage is that nearly anything can be placed on a wood slab coffee table without the need to make use of heat absorbers. Thus, the key factors to look into while buying a coffee table includes sturdiness and its holding capacity.

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