Top 5 Best Reclaimed Wood and Metal Coffee Table

A coffee table is a classic staple in any living space in any home. It is often the hub of the living room -- serving as space for game night, homework space, a footrest, and sometimes even the dinner table! You want a beautiful, sturdy coffee table that will bring your room together while serving it’s many functions.

Coffee tables come in all kinds of shapes in sizes. Before you buy, it’s important to consider the size of your particular space and where you want to put your reclaimed wood and metal coffee table. Are you looking for a smaller or larger table? Should it have multiple levels or only one? Our list will provide you with several options to consider while shopping for your perfect reclaimed wood and metal coffee table.

Emerald Home Chandler Cocktail Table

This beautiful reclaimed wood square coffee table is the perfect addition to any space. It’s solid wood top, sturdy metal frame, and extra shelf make it a versatile table that will last for years to come. This table top is real wood -- not hard-pressed plastic or plywood with a wood stained finish. This table is perfect for a rustic style room or for any aesthetic that needs a homey feel. This table does require assembly, though for a nominal fee it can be assembled before it is shipped to you. One downside to this particular table is the natural wood top is not perfectly smooth making it a bit more difficult to wipe down, but makes up for it in quality.

Chrome and Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Square

This reclaimed wood square coffee table is stunning yet simplistic. With a minimalist design, this coffee table is perfect for a modern living space as well as a rustic living space. The beauty of the design of this table makes it great for a variety of styles and spaces while still eliciting “Wow! Nice table!” from guests in your home. This table has a large surface area making it a fantastic addition to your space -- especially if you need a table that serves lots of purposes (like most coffee tables do!). This table also requires some assembly, but is a breeze to put together (no complicated directions mean you get to enjoy more time relaxing)!

Metro Shop Seneca Black Metal and Reclaimed Wood Square Coffee Table

This black metal frame and reclaimed wood square coffee table features a gorgeous table top as well as a lower shelf for those who need a coffee table that does more. The black metal and gray stained reclaimed wood offers a beautiful contrast of color between the frame and the table top. Plus, the neutral colors of the gray and black make it versatile enough to go with any decor without sacrificing the rustic beauty of the table itself. This table might look simple, but it is very sturdy and easy to put together. One thing to keep in mind with this table is the finish easily stains, so make sure to get a set of matching coasters when you purchase this table!

Emerald Home Berkeley Oval Cocktail Coffee Table

This oval reclaimed wood and metal coffee table has a victorian style feel while still having a rustic aesthetic with it’s dark stained wood table top and black metal claw feet. The sophisticated design of this table will make it the focal point of your living space while still being highly functional. Assembly for this table is quite easy, and for a bit more you can have the table assembled for you before shipping. It is also the only non-square table on our list!

Alaterre Pomona Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Square

Perhaps the most rough and rustic looking of the reclaimed wood square coffee tables on our list, this Pomona rustic table has 2 shelves and a rough hewn tabletop that is truly feels like a piece you bought from a home in the Spanish countryside. The natural grain wood gives this table a beautiful aesthetic that is sure to bring your room together and elicit many compliments from family and friends. This table comes in three different sizes so you can choose the size that best fits your needs and your space.


Choosing a reclaimed wood and metal coffee table is no small feat. But, choosing the perfect table doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our list provides several styles and features for you to consider while you shop. You want something that matches your style, decor, and needs, all while getting you the best product for your money. These tables are sturdy, beautiful, and rustic, making them a great addition to your living space. After all, coffee tables are so much more than tables -- they serve as a part of the room where we live the most. They double as meal tables, game tables, desks, and even dancing surfaces (no judgement here!). With luck, our list will help you narrow your search in finding that absolutely perfect reclaimed wood and metal coffee table.

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