Best Raw Wood Coffee Table To Revitalize Your Home Or Office

Modern home owners are on an upswing for rustic and natural-looking furniture. A key piece to any living room is the coffee table. These tables are the center of attention as everyone crowds around them at small gatherings. With a natural, raw wood coffee you’ll add an element of the outdoor environment to your home. Perhaps you’re looking to be eco-friendly and have a coffee table made out of reclaimed wood or you just want a solid slab of walnut. Coffee tables are generally easily attainable at a modest cost.

The coffee tables listed below are optimal choices in your search for new furniture. Some of the designers make a whole line if you’re looking to match your tables with other pieces in the room. If you’re just looking for an end table made of raw wood, there’s one listed here too.

Coffee tables vary in size so it’s smart to take into consideration how much space you have in your room and whether or not you want this raw wood coffee table to be a large influence on the design of your living room.

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift Top Coffee Table in Craftsman Oak

This raw wood coffee table is a subtle, brown piece that will fit nicely in any neutral colored room. It features plenty of storage underneath the top of the table. Shelves will hold your books, candles or television remotes so you can preserve space on top. This table is crafted from oak and measures 43 inches wide and 19 inches deep. It’s also a low-sitting table measuring only 18.8 inches high.

A nice extra feature on this table is the ability to lift the top of the table up for extra storage within the interior. This hidden storage is perfect for keeping things hidden from strangers or from young children who may harm themselves.

This table costs $150 and comes to your home ready to assemble which should take less than an hour.

Premium Coffee Table w/ Hairpin Metal Legs, Red Oak Solid Wood Top

This handcrafted coffee table is made in Holmes County, Ohio by Amish artisan furniture crafters. The top of the table is a 42” by 22” slab of solid red oak. The rustic slab of wood is evening out with a stain finish and modernized with steel, hairpin style legs that measure 17 inches.

This modern style table is a perfect touch to a room that’s already furnished with any style of furniture. It matches well and provides strong support. The hand-applied finish adds a look that’s genuine and makes this a beautiful handmade coffee table.

This raw wood coffee table comes in three colors, red oak, white pine, or antique grey. The white pine and antique grey colors are made from solid pine wood. It costs $214 and comes ready to assemble in just 10 minutes.

Barn wood Coffee Table

This handmade coffee table is made from reclaimed wood that was salvaged from an old barn. It’s a mosaic style coffee table that features vintage steel 18” hairpin legs and the wooden top measures 40” by 20”.

This table is available in custom sizes and is only available upon request. It’s handcrafted specifically to fit your needs. It takes a little longer to ship because they need to make the table for you, but it arrives with a quick, easy set up that takes 5 minutes. This table costs $250 dollars and comes in beautiful, natural wood that features various different colors.

The Newton: Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

This reclaimed wood coffee table is handmade coffee table with a rustic, natural look from reclaimed barn wood. The mid-century style of the salvaged wood coffee sits on handmade, raw steel hairpin legs and features a 2.5” opening in the wooden top that’s perfect for remotes, books or magazines.

This raw wood coffee table measures 45” by 24” and is 18” high. The wood is reclaimed locally and is sanded, stained and finished to provide consumers with the ultimate, natural look in their home.

Michael Anthony Redden Reclaimed Coffee Table

This rectangular reclaimed wood coffee table is perfect for the living looking to be naturalized by a hardwood table. Its handcrafted design looks great with any décor that’s present in your home.

The contemporary style of this table will outlive you and your children as it’s handcrafted of solid, reclaimed wood.

This table measures 42” wide by 24” deep and 19” high. It has a lower level shelf to store books, a laptop or magazines. This feature isn’t present in most coffee tables, it eases the accessibility of what you would put in a drawer, and also makes a useful footrest.


Coffee tables are the most important part of any room. It’s important you find one that compliments your style and convenience. If you’ll be working on the table you may want something a little bigger. If you’re entertaining, adjustable table tops are nice too.

The look and feel of your coffee table with add a lifetime of beauty to your living room, and with the reclaimed wood coffee tables will add a genuine touch through your family’s generations.

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